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Friday, November 15 - Friday, November 22


*We'll email you directly with additional details closer to the Sustainability Innovation Jam launch

UNC's Sustainability Innovation Jam is a unique event where the UNC commmunity comes together to work to solve existing sustainability problems, and over a short timeframe propose and develop viable solutions to complex sustainability problems.


The Jam is to be held over a span of a few days during Global Entrepreneurship Week using an online platform, and provides global participants the opportunity to put thought into action and the chance to shape sustainability solutions.


All members of the UNC community are invited to participate: current students, alumni, faculty, and current and former staff. Whether you are a budding social entrepreneur yourself or simply want to add your perspective and advice to the discussion, there is a place for your voice in the conversation.


If you have an innovative idea for addressing the pressing social issues of today, the Innovation Jam provides you with the opportunity to benefit from the wisdom and experience of your fellow Tarheels. The online community and a panel of experts review and interact with innovative ideas produced by the Jam - winners are recognized and rewarded for their ideas and collaborative efforts, and entrepreneurs are invited to take their ideas to the next level in a UNC hosted sustainability hack-a-thon in the Spring of 2014. 


Whether you are a scientist, a lawyer, or an undergrad in the first semester at UNC, we want to hear from you. And please don't let a busy schedule stop you! Because the Innovation Jam is online, you can decide when and how much you will participate over the course of the Innovation Jam.


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